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Cottage rental, Fishing fun

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Walleye Bite is the Best!

    Fishing at Pakwash Lake Park Beach                       has been at it’s best.           Congratulations Girls.  Fish Fry for supper!   Back to the website

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Living in the Bush, Bunnies!

Mr Easter Bunny showed up at the bird feeder today!  As I Whisper “don’t tell Buddy”! Back to the website

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Trout Fishing, Red Lake, Ear Falls, Lake X

Corey went to try his luck Trout Ice Fishing! A nice one from Lake X Pretty busy place that Lake X is! Back to the website

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What should I Bring to go Fishing!

What to Bring Fishing, a Fishing Checklist Pakwash Lake Camp Checklist What should one bring to Camp for fishing! A few things that guests should consider to have on their listEssential Clothing • Good rain gear – more important than new tackle. • Water proof footwear – rubber boots, over shoes, gortex hikers. Wet feet […]

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