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Please refer to our Availability Calendar to see which Cabins / Campsites are available on which days.

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Important Booking Notes:

  • You can only make bookings during July, August & September; please contact us to book during other months.
  • To book a hunting trip, please contact us directly.
  • When booking a Cabin, there is a $200 deposit per adult. Note: deposit is collected in Canadian Funds (CAD) and reduces from the total cost of the trip, that is in US Funds (USD).
  • When booking a Campsite, there is no deposit but is based on a 2 adult family.
  • Pakwash Lake Camp has the right to re-arrange bookings based on Cabin capacity.
  • Regular check-in time is 3:00pm and check-out time is 8:00am (if more time is required, please let us know).

Cabin Capacities:

Cabin #1 2 doubles, 2 bedrooms
Cabin #2 1 double, 3 twins, sofa bed, 2 bedrooms
Cabin #3 1 double, 2 twins, sofa bed, 2 bedrooms
Cabin #4 6 twins, 3 bedrooms
Cabin #5 5 twins, 2 bunks, 1 cots, 2 bedrooms
Cabin #6 7 twins, 3 bedrooms
Cabin #7 1 double, 1 twin, 2 bunks, 2 bedrooms
Cabin #8 2 doubles, 6 singles, 2 cots, 4 bedrooms

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