248aabcc C54b 4291 8344 B33825715ed4The original deed for the land on the east side of the lake was purchased by the Fullers in 1952, and a year later they opened “Fullers Iowana Camp”.

In 1972, Joyce and Leo Sylander took over ownership of Fullers Iowana Camp and ran the business until 1987 when it was purchased by Colin and Dorothy Ross.

In 2002 Tom and Judi Heitoff took ownership of the property and renamed to it’s current name “Pakwash Lake Camp”. Tom and Judi completed extensive renovations, added decks to some of the cabins and upgraded the road to get into the camp.

On April 21, 2006, Kim Budweg and Denis Grenier purchased Pakwash Lake Camp from Tom and Judi, and still operate it today.

Pakwash Lake Camp Logo

Ear Falls, Ontario, Canada