Guests Fishing Off The Dock On Pakwash LakeOur fishing is the best kept secret, Pakwash Lake offers one of the best places to go fishing with the healthy Fisheries Management Zone 4!

Stay with us at Pakwash Camp and you’ll be fishing for monster Northern Pike, Trophy Walleye, and some of the best Smallmouth Bass fishing in the Red Lake region.

Why are Pakwash Lake and Bruce Lake our top ranking locations to go fishing?

Pakwash Lake and Bruce Lake are located at the junction of three mighty Northern Ontario Rivers, the Chukuni River, the Trout River and the English River. These three rivers drain much of the region and are responsible for the high productivity of these lakes. Red Lake feeding in the Northwest, Trout Lake feeding into the Northeast and Lac Seul feeding to the Southeast. Pakwash Lake offers a great place to relax and fish. Join us and explore over 31,000 acres of water and 100 miles of beach and rocky shoreline on four different lakes (Pakwash Lake, Bruce Lake, Camping Lake and Lost Lake).

Let’s Go Fishing…

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A vacation at Pakwash Camp allows you to experience incredible fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, the rare Silver Muskellunge, Lake Whitefish and Yellow Perch. The Pakwash Lake Water System (large photo) offers great structure, moving waterways, beaches, shallow pools with weeds to hide in, all important elements of a successful fishing trip.

The large rivers flowing through the system means that the lakes are extremely productive, producing numerous large gamefish as well eaters to enjoy a mouth-watering fish fry. Ear Falls Fishing and Red Lake Fishing has been improving, both in terms of the fishing quality as well as the fishing quantity. Our many trophies will offer you an exciting fishing experience.

Guest With Huge Walleye Catch On Pakwash LakeWalleye Fishing Tips

Early spring walleye are plentiful as they are returning from the Bruce Lake and Whitefish Falls spawning grounds at the North end of the Pakwash Lake. Keep the presentation simple; slow moving, Jigs and a minnow work great as they enter into the lake they are often on the edges of the beaches where ever the wind blows into them. 5-7 feet on average but surprisingly we can catch them in 2 feet of water if the bite is on.

Summer the walleye are moving into the lake and often found around the beaches and where the bait fish are gathering. As the water temperatures increase the walleye often will head for deeper waters to avoid the bright midday sunlight. Keep an eye on the Lunar Fishing times for Pakwash. The walleye often are bang on if the weather conditions are favorable.

Warm waters and structure fishing for Walleyes is when the water temperatures are 75F+. Look for the bait fish, underwater holes and ridges. Evening feeding often near the weed edges, deeper fishing is often best near the drop offs. Bottom bouncers, simple presentation, slow moving jigs, deep water crankbaits and gold spinner baits. Always looking for the walleye chop.

Guest With Big Northern Pike Caught FishingNorthern Pike Fishing Tips

The best baits to use in cold water spring fishing are the ones you can work slowly. Jerk baits, Rapala’s Xraps or Storm’s thunderstick and other companies that make shallow running, suspending baits. These baits are weighted so they rise very slowly when paused so they give the illusion of suspension. That is when the strike usually occurs. Cast it out and retrieve in a series of erratic jerks and pauses varying your pause depending on conditions. Often the Northerns are in shallow waters. The Northerns will often follow the walleyes returning from the spawning grounds. Try some top crankbaits in around the rocky area’s.

Northern pike fishing as the water temperatures increase are often the sport fish to target after some stormy weather fronts have passed through. The weed beds and edges if rocky shores often produce the hungry fish while you are out looking for walleye.

Father And Son With Big Smallmouth Bass CatchSmallmouth Bass Tips

What a great fish to target. Spring fishing in the shoreline rocky beds have them protecting the areas from any intruder. Crankbaits, top water spinners or a jig and a minnow and the bass will give you a great fight. As the water warms into the summer Smallmouth Bass often move onto the shallow underwater reefs on the drop offs. At this time of year, tube jigs, twisters and underwater spinners will grab their attention.

Fishing Licenses

Pakwash Lake Camp is a MNR Licensing agent and can sell you your Ontario Outdoor Card and your Ontario Fishing License.

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