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Best Smallmouth Bass Fishing Techniques for Warm Summer Water

Fishing for Smallmouth Bass on Pakwash Lake , we have a few fishing techniques that will help you catch the record numbers of Smallmouth Bass! Pakwash Lake’s best kept secret is it’s smallmouth bass fishing.  It’s later in July, August and September, the spawn is long gone and the smallmouth bass fishermen are gearing up […]

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Drive-in Fishing Lodge, Where to go, Pakwash Lake Camp

Family fishing vacations First off, why a drive in fishing resort?   Today’s outdoors men/women or family have different needs as seen in the past,  ageing population, time restraints, economic and finance cut backs, health concerns, maintaining multi media contact, weather events, remote location…. everyone has personal preferences.  To find the best fishing,  affordable, inexpensive fishing […]

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Back from Corey and Jamie’s wedding in Mexico. … congratulations to them!  Denis even got in a few hours of fishing! Back to the website

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Winter Trophy Fish on Pakwash Lake, Ear Falls, Red Lake, On

Congratulations to Gianna and Casey!  30.5 inch walleye on Pakwash Lake and what a beauty!!  Released.  Way to go! Back to the website

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Let’s go Fishing! Pakwash Lake Camp

Great Catch! Congratulations, thank you for sharing your catch.  See you soon! Back to the website

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I think i need to go fishing! Last Spring!

Thank you for sharing the catch! Congratulations everyone, see you soon.  Let’s Go Fishing! Back to the website

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Best Pakwash Lake , Ear Falls, Red Lake Fishing resort

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Fishing and Hunting Licenses

MNR Ontario Fishing Licenses are available at  Pakwash Lake Camp ….2020… Reminder to bring your Ontario outdoor card even if it has expired. I makes it easy to find you on the system.  Back to the website

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Some new clothing this year.  Things are starting to get in place!   New Arrivals! Back to the website

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