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Kimby And DenisWelcome to the Pakwash Lake Family!

Our fishing and hunting resort is small and family friendly. In 2006 Pakwash Lake Camp became our home and a major part of our family’s way of life. We are fortunate to be situated on the Eastern shores in the middle of Pakwash Lake, just south of Pakwash Provincial Park.  We offer 8 kitchen equipped housekeeping cabins, and 10 campsites. Our region is known for excellent fishing and hunting, beautiful scenery and the Red Lake, Ear Falls area hosting an abundant of wildlife to enjoy while you are fishing for Trophy Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Perch. We want to assist you in having the best fishing trip and hope to see you come back for more fishing memories.

Who are we?

Denis Grenier, known as “Mr. Fix It”, is hard working and newly retired from the local Red Lake Mines. When he’s not working, you can find him fishing with guests, or watching hockey on TV. He thinks computers and phones bite. Ask him where the fish are.

Kimby Budweg, known as the “Nana with Many Hats”. Full time Pakwash office secretary, and often just the glue that keeps things running smoothly. I love to fish as long as I’m catching, best of all is if I catch more fish then Denis and enjoy chatting and crafting.

Denis and Kimby have been together in the Red Lake, Ear Falls area since 1987. Having three wonderful children, who have all grown up and we now are blessed with 9 grandchildren. Corey, our youngest, loves to fish and hunt when he is not working. Corey, Jamie, Kenzlie and Kane, live in Ear Falls, Ontario and have become our best friends and love the Pakwash Lake way of life.

Corey Holding Pair Of Walleye Catches Aspect Ratio 330 422
Denis Kimby And Grandchildren Aspect Ratio 330 422
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Jamie Holding Big Walleye Catch Aspect Ratio 330 422

Let’s Make Pakwash Lake Camp the Best Canadian Fishing Spot

We are here to welcome you into the Pakwash Lake family and assist you in having a relaxing, exciting adventure and escape into Northern Ontario’s beauty and all the exploring Canada’s wilderness has to offer. Most of all, let’s catch lots of fish.

Let’s Go Fishing!

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Ear Falls, Ontario, Canada