Best Smallmouth Bass Fishing Techniques for Warm Summer Water

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Fishing for Smallmouth Bass on Pakwash Lake , we have a few fishing techniques that will help you catch the record numbers of Smallmouth Bass!

Pakwash Lake’s best kept secret is it’s smallmouth bass fishing.  It’s later in July, August and September, the spawn is long gone and the smallmouth bass fishermen are gearing up for another quality Pakwash fishing season.  The bass in the Pakwash Lake Water System this time of year has no size restriction, with a 4 sportman license limit.  The growing numbers of quality fishing is not well known in the area. Pakwash Lake, Bruce Lake, Lost Lake and the English River warm shallow waters with rocky underwater reefs and deep water droop offs have captured an annul group of bass fishermen to Camp year after year.

Yes 85 smallies caught in one day….. really?  Yes really, no way…. but it’s true!  I’m a lazy walleye fisher-woman, two hours and enough for supper I’m good.  Our very own day till dawn smallmouth bass lovers often tell me of their spectacular Personal Best smallmouth fishing days.  What is the trick?  Ok I’ll bite, Let’s Go Fishing,  Fish’n Canada Pakwash Lake Style!  A little bit of research, talk to my guys, Denis and I head out to try Our luck one perfect fishing day!  Yes we caught, caught some crazy splashing, hard hitting, jumping, nice size smallmouth bass.  I say some because I was only out for a few hours.  15-22 inch smallies and I had a minnow and a jig!  It was fun, alot of fun.  I get it, I’m hooked on smallmouth bass fishing.

How to catch smallmouth bass, and it was a blast!

What did I learn, some of the Best Fishing Techniques

  • Warm water fishing mid water reefs with deep water close by,  they like the rocks!
  • Weedy areas close to deep water too.
  • Can often find them in a group in deep pools off rocky points
  • They like some waterflow, Pakwash Lake is perfect, 3 rivers feed into Pakwash Lake.  Chukuni River, Trout River, English River
  • They spawn in the rocky area’s of Pakwash in June and feast on crayfish in the rocks
  • Topwater baits will work well earlier in the season when they are chasing minnows
  • Most late summer smallmouth bass will go for 1/4 oz spinner-baits, jigs, soft plastic lures and grubs, tube baits and long tailed 6″ plastic baits.
  • Pakwash Lake is muddy and pumpkin, brown/black and artificial warms are effective. The rubber worms look so real they work well.
  • Real worms get you the second bite, make sure your hands are clean to avoid any unwanted smells on the bait. Use two medium to large slip shot weights 15-25 inches ahead of the wormed hook.
  • Use light-line when using real worms, the more bites you will receive.
Pakwash Lake may not be listed as the World’s top smallmouth bass fishing spot, but I can tell you….. It is a quality smallmouth fishing lake and the secret is out!Let’s go fishing for smallies this summer!

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